Kansas woman sentenced in stabbing of grandfather, mother

Blamed "the voices" for the attack

May 31, 2018 - 7:05 pm

A Wichita woman has been sentenced to ten and a half years in prison for a knife attack that severely injured her 90-year-old grandfather and an attack on her 52-year-old mother.

The Wichita Eagle reported Thursday that Kerri Telford, 26, pleaded guilty to aggravated battery in the February 2017 attack on her mother. She pleaded guilty to attempted second-degree murder in the August 2017 stabbing of her grandfather.

Authorities say Telford was living with her grandfather when she assaulted him with a kitchen carving knife with a six-inch blade. A police affidavit says she blamed "the voices" for the attack.

Telford was released from a mental health treatment center a few days prior to the attack.

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