Kansas woman, two friends, die in a motorcycle accident

Another motorcyclist arrested on multiple charges

July 21, 2018 - 12:51 am

A motorcycle crash in Utah has killed a woman from Kansas, and two of her friends.

The Utah Highway Patrol says that 53-year old Judith Murray of Kansas,  69-year old Anthony M. Cooper, and 62-year old John Kwiatkowski, both of Texas, died Thursday while they were traveling in a group of motorcycles.

One bike went down striking two others.

Judith's husband, Jason, was flown to a local hospital in critical condition. 

The Utah Highway Patrol says that 56-year old Bruce Curry was causing a disturbance, tampering with the motorcycles and creating a hostile environment with witnesses and friends of the deceased at the scene. 

Officers also say they could smell alcohol on his breath.

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