KDOC declares emergency at El Dorado Correctional

August 02, 2017 - 5:23 am

EL DORADO, Kan. (KNSS) - Tuesday the Kansas Department of Corrections officially declared an emergency at the El Dorado Correctional Facility.  

Officers at EDCF filed a grievance through the Kansas Organization of State Employees after reports that they were required to work 16-hour shifts that were not approved in their bargaining agreement.

The emergency declaration allows KDOC to require those 16-hour days for its officers. KSN News spoke with KOSE Executive Director Robert Choromanski.

Many of them told me with those 16-hour shifts they are bone-dead tired," said Choromanski. "They're falling asleep at their jobs, standing and watching over the inmates, trying to do their jobs as correctional officers.  It's a very big serious public safety issue."

Choromanski said correctional officers have been required to work three 12-hour days, followed by a 16-hour day before having three days off. The document from KDOC says the recent utilization of 12-hour shifts will be reviewed 90 days from its implementation.

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