Keep pets safe this Independence Day

Veterinarian says many dogs get lost around July 4th

July 03, 2018 - 6:54 am

Though some people like fireworks, a lot of dogs don't. Susan Nelson, a vet with Kansas State University, says a lot of dogs are lost around the 4th.

"Make sure you have your dogs inside and secured during times when you have fireworks going off," said Nelson.

Nelson says if your dogs are really afraid, medicine can help. 

"Some of them are over-the-counter, kind of natural products.  Others are more hardcore and medications we use for the ones with extreme phobias.  You can help them out by keeping them in the basement, or drawing the shades so they don't see the light flashes.  Running the TV or radio very loud to help kind of dull the noise that's out there."

Nelson says even if your dogs are calm around fireworks, they still need to stay inside.

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