KS gas prices slightly down as demand remains high

August 08, 2018 - 5:12 am

Triple-A says gasoline prices are still doing okay in Kansas. Jennifer Haugh with Triple-A Kansas says the pressure on supply remains intense.

"The demand last week was like an all time record," said Haugh.  "We're continuing to see more people driving more miles. This time of year everyone's taking that last vacation before school starts."

Haugh says the potential for decreased production from Saudi Arabia and political unrest in Iran continues to worry oil producers. So it's not a guarantee that prices will go down even if there is an ease in demand.  Average Kansas gas price was $2.67 a gallon as of Monday.

"We're one of the fortunate ones over the week that we went down a penny," said Haugh.  "Several other ones went up. It looks like we're paying about $0.45 more than we were a year ago.  We're $0.20 behind the national average, and we're still hanging on to our #11 spot on cheapest gas prices."

In the Wichita area prices had been creeping down, but are back up to $2.69 a gallon Wednesday.

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