Kansas officials report mail-in results from primary election

August 12, 2020 - 5:23 am
Kansas election officials report mail-in results from primary

Kansas residents voted by mail in large numbers this primary election, and the Kansas Secretary of State’s office says ballots were returned at a much higher rate than average. The final numbers show more than 80% of the mail-in ballots were sent back, compared to about two-thirds in 2016. 

Almost 53,000 ballots had not been returned by the deadline Friday. Officials say t’s too early to know how many of those are ones people simply didn’t fill out, and how many will arrive too late to be counted. 

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Katie Koupal, with the Secretary of State’s office, expects another surge of mail-in ballots in the November general election. Her office urges voters to drop off ballots in person or send them back with plenty of time for delivery.

The state will also look for ways to assist counties in processing mail-in ballots this fall, because it takes more time than counting votes cast at the polls. 

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