Law enforcement to patrol speed on Kellogg this weekend

August 18, 2018 - 12:46 am

Those driving on Kellogg this weekend might want to let off the gas just a little bit.  

The Kansas Highway Patrol will be conducting speed enforcement on Saturday on different parts of Kellogg. There will be more law enforcement than normal on the highway, looking for speeders. Where along Kellogg will they be? Well, that's for them to know, and you to find out, that is, if you're flying along and you're caught.

Trooper Chad with KHP tweeted about the patrols.

The speed enforcement will go from 10 A.M. until noon on Saturday.

Some drivers are happy about the increased police presence. Driver Griffin Nuss has noticed more police in general along Kellogg. He says that he's seen police pulling people over all day long, from seven to 4, so he's going to keep his speed down.

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