Leawood couple receives no money for mistaken police raid

December 13, 2017 - 7:57 pm

A suburban Kansas City couple whose home was raided by police in a fruitless search for marijuana has lost their lawsuit against Johnson County.

The Kansas City Star reports a federal court ruled Tuesday that Adlynn and Robert Harte of Leawood should not receive any monetary damages for the 2012 SWAT-style raid by deputies looking for a marijuana growing operation.

The Hartes contended that deputies lied to get a warrant to search their home.

Law enforcement targeted the home after Robert Harte and his children went to a hydroponics gardening store. Deputies then took loose tea leaves from their garbage. Deputies said the leaves registered positive for marijuana but they were never submitted to a lab for more definitive tests.

Attorneys for the Hartes say they will appeal.

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