Local COVID-19 numbers for Friday, May 29

Ted Woodward
May 29, 2020 - 2:12 pm

    Here are the local COVID-19 numbers for Friday, May 29, 2020:

    Kansas, with a total population of more than 2.9 million people, has recorded more than 9,700 positive cases of the virus, up 4% from Wednesday; that's a higher rate from ealier in the week.

    More than half of the state's positive cases, and two-thirds of the deaths, have come from clusters of COVID-19. A cluster is defined as "two or more non-household COVID-19 cases identified in a certain timeframe and place." Nearly five dozen of those clusters have occurred in private businesses, 19 of which are now closed.

    27% of Kansas COVID-19 cases have come from meatpacking plants; that number is up 1% from Wednesday.

    52% of Kansas COVID-19 deaths have come in long-term care facilities.

    3% of all Kansas residents have been tested. 

    Among those tested in the state, 90% have tested negative for the coronavirus, and 10% positive; the percentage of positive cases has gone down 2% since Wednesday.

    The state says 13% of cases have required hospitalization.

    There have been more than 800 hospitalizations for COVID-19 in Kansas, up 2.4% since Wednesday; 20 added patients were hospitalized since Wednesday, and those rates have decreased slightly.

    The state reports three more people died from the virus since Wednesday (up 1.5%), for a total of 208 deaths in the state. Among the positive cases in Kansas, 2% have resulted in death; that percentage has remained steady. The median age for COVID-19 fatalities in Kansas is 79 years of age.

    Sedgwick County is reporting more than 570 positive cases, adding nine new cases from the day before (up 1.6%). There have been 21 COVID-19 deaths in Sedgwick County. Among the cases in Sedgwick County, 3.7% have resulted in death; that percentage has remained steady.

    7% of the state's positive cases have been recorded in Sedgwick County and its surrounding counties; that number has remained steady.

    The highest number of daily cases (38) peaked in Sedgwick County more than a month ago.

    The peak for the rolling 14-day average of the positive percentage of all tests in Sedgwick County came nearly six weeks ago on April 19th, at 12%; that percentage is now at 1.8%, and has remained nearly flat for about a week-and-a-half.

    COVID-19 hospitalizations in Sedgwick County peaked nearly eight weeks ago, in early April. Zero first-admissions hospitsalizations were recorded in Sedgwick County last week.

    2.3% of Sedgwick County residents have been tested for COVID-19.

    The age range with the highest percentage of hospitalizations in Kansas (22%) are those between the ages of 55-64.

    The age range with the highest percentages of positive cases requiring hospitalization in Kansas are those 75-84, with 49% of those cases requiring hospitalization.

    The age range with the most positive cases in Kansas (19%) are those between the ages of 35-44. In that age range, 8% of cases require hospitalization.

    Among COVID-19 cases in Kansas, 3% have required placement in the ICU, and 1.3% required mechanical ventilation; those numbers have remained steady this week.

    Among COVID-19 hospitalizations in Kansas, one-third have required placement in the ICU, with 15% requiring mechanical ventilation.

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