Local thieves vandalize concession stands

Their disrespect for other people's things costs thousands to repair

June 13, 2018 - 10:48 pm

Local thieves are ruining fun summer destinations for the rest of us and causing thousands of dollars in damage in the process.

Workers at the Twin River Club discovered that the door to their concession stand had been kicked in, and change and snacks had been stolen. A new surveillance system caught the two teenagers in the act.

At the Wellington Family Aquatic Center, teenagers actually peeled some wood and sheet metal back from the rafters on the concession area and dropped down to get their snacks.

TRC board member Sky Hendricks wishes that people would "Please grow up and be accountable for your behavior."

It doesn’t look like the two break-ins are connected but it you if you have information, you’re advised to contact either Wichita or Wellington Police.

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