Lucas Hernandez memorial held Saturday

Religious leaders say that he is now safely in Jesus' arms

June 30, 2018 - 9:04 pm

Members of the Wichita community and the surrounding area gathered Saturday at the Wichita Metropolitan Complex to pay their last respects to 5-year old Lucas Hernandez at a memorial service. 

Local religious leaders knew exactly what they wanted to convey to the people on hand: that Lucas is safe in the arms of Jesus, and that death does not have the final word in his life.

Father Terry Hendrick said that the focus of Saturday's service was kept on Lucas' life and not just the past several months.

Pastor Jeff Gannon said that Lucas loved playing on his scooter and making crafts. He also was very proud of his freckles, and "would tell everyone that he got them from his mother."

One speaker, Tim Miller, said that we have to face the fact that Lucas is not alone. He hopes that everyone can learn from this sad situation, and hopefully people will be able to help the next Lucas, who is out there, somwhere.

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