Man arrested after Wichita crime sprees

Ted Woodward
February 14, 2020 - 2:17 pm
police car

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Wichita police have arrested 43-year-old Carlton Albertson, after crime sprees on back-to-back days this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, Albertson met his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot at the Walmart at Kellogg & Dugan Road in W. Wichita. They were meeting to discuss a property exchange, when he grabbed her hair, forcing her into his Tahoe and driving away. Her friends followed them in a Pontiac.

The suspect stopped at Harry & Seneca, where she was able to escape the Tahoe, and rejoin her friends in the Pontiac.

Nearly an hour later, the two cars were spotted making contact with each other near Truesdell Middle School, west of Harry & Seneca. Police arrived to pursue the suspect, but the chase was called off because of speed, and erratic driving by the suspect.

Then on Thursday afternoon, police officers with a new sex crimes pilot pickup program were actively out searching for the suspect, and they spotted a stolen Thunderbird at Taft & West; the driver did not pull over, leading to a pursuit. The driver avoided stop-sticks, and the chase was terminated. However, the vehicle was later spotted, and the driver was the suspect from the day before.

Albertson was arrested on W. 31st Street South, and booked into jail for several charges, including aggravated battery, domestic violence, kidnapping, and an arrest warrant throught the Kansas Department of Corrections.

The pilot program, which just started, has already resulted in seven arrests in just four days for domestic-violence perpetrators who continue to harass their victims.


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