Man convicted in shooting that wounded Kansas tax agent

Sentencing is set for August 8th

June 29, 2018 - 10:10 pm

A man who owed almost $400,000 in taxes has been convicted of walking into a tax office in Kansas and shooting and wounding a state tax agent who was working on his case.

Ricky Wirths, 52, was found guilty Thursday of attempted first-degree murder in the September 2017 shooting of agent Cortney Holloway, The Wichita Eagle reports. The shooting happened about three hours after Holloway and sheriff's deputies had gone to Wirths' house to seize assets.

Officials say Wirths asked for Holloway by name after he was buzzed into the waiting area of a Wichita tax office. Holloway told investigators that Wirths asked him, "Why did you take my money? Why did you take my stuff?" Wirths then drew a handgun from a portfolio he was holding and started firing, a Wichita police detective wrote in an arrest affidavit.

The wounded Holloway fled to a back office, where colleagues started tending to wounds to the right side of his upper chest, his left thigh, left middle finger and right arm, the affidavit states.

Afterward, Wirths called a 55-year-old male acquaintance and asked for a favor, according to the affidavit. He said: "Take care of my employees and kids because I just killed a guy."

The man asked for clarification, to which Wirths responded: 'No, I'm serious. I'm done. I lost it.'"

Wirths also called an employee and said: "I just shot somebody. Thank you for all of your hard work."

Wirths was arrested after stopping his truck near an officer and announcing he was surrendering, the affidavit says. The owed money was related to a construction business Wirths owned.

Sentencing is set for Aug. 8.

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