Man shot during officer involved shooting in Wichita taken off life support

January 12, 2019 - 9:49 pm

29-year-old Geoffrey Morris, the man shot in the officer involved shooting earlier this week, has died. He was taken off life support Saturday.

His wife, Tia Brown, says he was shot by police while they tried to arrest him on a felony warrant. He had been wanted on several warrants and was known to carry a gun.

They were at the division of corrections building in downtown Wichita for a meeting with her probation officer. Morris went with her but stayed in the car.

Police say two officers and a KDOC employee planned to arrest the 29- year-old in the parking lot, but despite trying to convince him to turn himself in peacefully, Morris didn't follow their commands.  

Police say the man reversed, hitting a KDOC vehicle, then drove forward, making officers fear they could be run over, or seriously hurt. One of them has minor injuries.

Geoffrey Morris was shot several times.

Police say both WPD officers are on paid administrative leave, which is standard policy in officer involved shootings.

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