Man Shot & Killed in N. Wichita

A woman with the victim was the ex-girlfriend of the suspect

Ted Woodward
June 20, 2018 - 2:09 pm



30-year-old Lafian Berryman was shot once in the upper torso and killed early Tuesday evening in N. Wichita; it happened in a parking lot east of 21st & Grove.

Police Lt. Todd Ojile says a man and a woman were in a truck, talking, when Berryman and a female showed up in another car. There was possibly a fight and an argument in Berryman's car between the two. They both got out of the car, and Berryman began yelling at the man in the truck, who was the ex-boyfriend of the woman with Berryman.

The suspect pulled a gun, and as Berryman backed away, the suspect fired multiple shots; one of the bullets hit Berryman in the upper torso, and he died.

The suspect initially left the scene, but soon called 911 and came back, telling police he was involved with the shooting.

The suspect was booked into jail for second-degree murder. This is Wichita's 23rd homicide case in 24 weeks this year.


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