Men arrested with 80 homemade explosives in Hutchinson

February 11, 2020 - 5:16 am
Men arrested with 80 homemade explosives in Hutchinson

South Hutchinson police arrested two 18-year-old men over the weekend who allegedly had about 80 homemade explosive devices in a truck. South Hutchinson Police Chief Dean Harcrow says officers on Saturday found the men driving a truck carrying a plastic tote full of explosive devices and materials for unmade devices. 

A two-block radius near where the truck was stopped was evacuated for several hours. Harcrow says the men were making the explosives at a Reno County home and selling them to other people. The men allegedly were ordering products to make the devices from the internet.

The men, Tyler Bryce Bontrager and Andrew Hoffman, bonded out of jail during the weekend. The Reno County District Attorney's office is awaiting the police report before filing charges.   

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