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Mighty Mouse sculpture taken from Wichita yard

Owner calls theft 'funny and stupid'

July 25, 2018 - 11:36 pm

Mighty Mouse is missing!  Wichita homeowner Christopher Gulick says his 200 lbs. log sculpture was removed from his back yard Tuesday night.  It's not hard to spot.  Its bright Red, Blue, Yellow and Black colors tend to stand out.

It's also about five feet tall, and was a gift from another artist.  The Wichita Eagle reports it is one of a number of sculptures Gulick has in his back yard.

Gulick says he would probably be mad about the theft if it wasn't so stupid and funny at the same time.

While an evil clowder of cats is not suspected in this case, Pearl Pureheart is likely missing her mighty mouse.

Anyone with information about the missing statue is asked to call Wichita police.

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