Multistate crime suspect pleads to some Mississippi charges

August 13, 2018 - 6:15 pm

A man is pleading guilty in Mississippi to two in a series of killings and shootings of which he's accused.

Alex Deaton pleaded guilty Monday in Rankin County Circuit Court to murder, drive-by shooting and motor vehicle theft.

A judge is sentencing Deaton to life in prison.

Deaton admits that he killed his girlfriend, stole her SUV and shot a jogger in February 2017 in the suburbs of Jackson.

Police say Deaton then carjacked a New Mexico couple, fled to Kansas, shot a store clerk and stole the clerk's car.

Deaton pleaded guilty in July 2017 in Kansas to attempted first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. He was sentenced there in October to nearly 13 years in prison.

Deaton is also indicted for killing a woman near Philadelphia, Mississippi.

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