Murder Suspect Being Extradited to Wichita

February 01, 2017 - 5:08 am
WICHITA, Kan. - The woman accused of murdering a Wichita woman and kidnapping her newborn baby is being returned to Sedgwick County from Dallas.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office says Yesenia Sesmas was released from that county's jail Wednesday morning to be taken to Sedgwick County.

Sesmas is accused of killing Laura Abarca-Nogueda at a west Wichita apartment in November. She then allegedly took the woman's daughter, Sofia, who was six days old at the time.

Sesmas and the baby were found two days later a Dallas home. The child was not injured and was returned to relatives in Wichita.

The 34-year-old Sesmas was in custody in Dallas and was served extradition papers Jan. 6.
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