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New hemp-based business in Russell to employ up to 900 people

July 18, 2019 - 8:37 pm

Governor Laura Kelly was in the city of Russell on Thursday, to celebrate the opening of a hemp-based business that could bring up to 900 jobs to the area.  

Mechanized Concepts, a company from Utah, is an engineering firm that builds mechanical concepts to fit business needs. In Russell, that focus will be on hemp, selling specialized hemp harvest equipment and offer expertise in hemp seeds and marketing.   

Governor Kelly says that, after much debate, lawmakers passed a hemp bill to allow a pilot program. Now, Kansas farmers will have another option for making money.  

She added that, "Kansas lawmakers are conservative and want to make sure they’ve got all the information before they jump out and vote for something."

The company already has employees in Russell. They hope to hire up to 900 within a few years. 

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