New training to help officers keep mentally and physically strong

October 27, 2018 - 7:16 pm

Law enforcement work daily to keep our community safe by responding to calls that are at times, dangerous and stressful. But what about keeping fellow officers safe? It's the theme behind new training within the Wichita Police Department.     

Officers within the department are getting required training on the importance of keeping mentally and physically strong through healthy eating, exercise and checking on those who might be struggling after a challenging incident.  The Duty to Intervene course is taught in the hopes of officers taking this awareness to the streets. 

Officers often have calls that are very difficult to mentally separate from once they go home. 

Sergeant Kenneth Kimble says it's training that may be helpful now or in the future. He says that officers may be fine today, but six months from now something might happen and those same officers might not be fine. The Duty to intervene course is critical to making sure officers do not fall through the cracks, and help them through difficult times.

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