Oklahoma teachers' union issues new demand

Calling on Gov. to veto a repeal of lodging tax

April 06, 2018 - 6:58 pm

The head of Oklahoma's largest teachers' union says if lawmakers want to end a teacher walkout, they must pass a repeal of the capital gains tax exemption and the governor must veto a repeal of a proposed lodging tax.

Oklahoma Education Association President Alicia Priest told teachers rallying at the Capitol Friday that both actions would bring an end to the teacher walkout that has stretched for five days. If not, Priest said teachers are prepared to return to the Capitol next week and for as long as it takes to bring more money to public schools.

The $5-per-night lodging tax would generate about $50 million annually but has faced fierce opposition from chambers of commerce and the hospitality industry. The capital gains tax deduction would generate about $120 million annually.

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