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Police blame prankster for Wichita shooting

December 29, 2017 - 11:23 pm

Wichita police and the FBI are investigating whether an argument over an online game prompted a hoax call, (known as Swatting), that led to a house where an officer shot and killed a Wichita man who apparently wasn't involved in the dispute.

The shooting happened at around 6:30 p.m. Thursday at a home near McCormick and Seneca.  Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston said at a news conference Friday that a prankster called 911 claiming to be an occupant of the home, saying he had shot his father and was holding his mother and a sibling hostage

When police arrived, a man came to the front door of the home. Livingston said a WPD officer fired his service weapon after the man refused orders from officers and appeared to be reaching for his waistband. The man was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. He has been identified by family members as Andrew Thomas Finch, 28.

Livingston says Finch was unarmed and no one in the house was injured.

The practice of making a false report to get a SWAT team to a location is known as "swatting." It is common among online gamers, but relatives say Finch was not a gamer.

The officer in question has been placed on administrative leave per department policy.  The FBI has joined the investigation at the request of Wichita police.

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