Police identify man using stolen credit cards

...but do not release it to the public...yet

June 23, 2018 - 12:28 am

Police have confirmed the identity of a man who was seen using a woman's stolen credit cards, but have not released his name.    

The suspect initially broke into a car at the East YMCA in November of 2017, taking a woman's purse, wallet, several credit cards and cellphone.

Now police say the suspect has used the stolen credit cards several times in February and March; his picture has shown up on security cameras entering the Hobby Lobby at Central and Ridge. 

Police say he came in several times with different women, each time he used a stolen credit card to buy hundreds of dollars worth of items. None of the women are suspects, but the police would like to have them identified for questioning. 

If you have any information call crime stoppers are 316-267-2111. 

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