Police investigating apparent assault near Keeper of Plains

February 18, 2020 - 6:36 pm
Keeper of the Plains

Getty Images


Video circulating on social media this week appears to show a small group of young adults or kids assaulting a homeless man.

“We have received that video and that is something that we are aware of and something that we are investigating,” said Officer Charley Davidson with Wichita Police.

KSN talked to the homeless man today who said he is not happy about the incident. But he was unharmed.

Police say there could be assault charges coming out of the incident but they need more information.

The video does not show what leads up to the incident. But in the video on social media it is clear one of the kids throws something at the man. The homeless man ducks, and the person making the video laughs. That person with the camera later says “leave him alone” before the kids appear to scatter.

“I don’t have any further details other than the fact that we did see that. It’s something that we are going to investigate,” said Davidson. “And, again, if somebody has information on that, if they know these individuals or knows exactly when this occurred, please give us a call.”

Davidson says you can call Crime Stoppers or Wichita Police.

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