Possible hate crime committed in Wichita

September 22, 2019 - 7:35 pm

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Zack Gingrich-Gaylord woke up Saturday morning to find the pride flag attached to his Riverside home burned. He believes that it wasn't an accident.

This isn't the first time that something has happened to his pride flag. His family put the flag up about two months' ago as a sign of support and solidarity for people who are part of the LGBTQ community.  The flag was stolen a couple of weeks ago, but someone found it and returned it.

If the burning was intended to scare the Gingrich-Gaylord family, however, Zack says, it had the opposite effect. Others in the community have put up their own pride flags in solidarity.

Wichita Police are investigating this as aggravated arson and a possible hate crime. Police say the incident possibly happened between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. Saturday, September 21.

If you have any information contact Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 or See Something, Say Something hotline at 316-519-2282.

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