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Prevent a "hot dog": watch your pet during these sweltering summer days!

July 18, 2019 - 7:24 pm

In these hot, humid summer days, many people worry about sunburn. But did you know that animals can get burned, too? Veterinarians said dogs and other animals are just as likely to burn as humans.

Many dogs will need some form of protection when out in the sun, especially ones with lighter, fair skin, and dogs with short haircuts. 

Baby sunscreen, or pet-friendly sunscreen products are safe to use for your pet.

If your pet already has gotten a burn, aloe vera can be used safely.The relief for sunburn for animals is similar to humans. Other topical creams are also available that can quickly provide relief.

Animals can get skin cancer from overexposure to the sun, just like humans. 

Finally, watch that paw pads do not get burned on hot surfaces. If they blister or have severe burns, take him or her to the vet or an emergency animal clinic immediately.

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