Program gives healthy options to Kansas City low income families

Officials: More needy families are benefiting 

July 25, 2018 - 5:57 pm

A food program is making a big difference to low-income families seeking healthy options in the Kansas City area.

The Double Up Food Program matches Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program dollars spent on local produce at Kansas and Missouri farmers markets and grocery stores. Participants receive up to $25 a day in matching Double Up Food Bucks dollars for more local fruits and vegetables.

The program did a trial run in 2015 at five Balls Food Price Choppers in the Kansas City area. Double Up Bucks now functions at 14 Price Choppers and 26 farmers markets.

Participants earned $385,000 Double Up Food Bucks last year and redeemed more than $295,000. Organizers said Tuesday that more needy families are benefiting from the program.

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