Snag a Free Coffee From Starbucks on Friday

Johnny Lopez
August 01, 2019 - 10:40 am

Shots - it’s what’s for breakfast...or for lunch or mid-afternoon snack or whenever you go to Starbucks on Friday, August 2nd.

That’s the day the coffee chain is offering customers around the nation free shots of its Nitro Cold Brew coffee, according to “Today.

While the beverage was first launched in certain locations back in 2016, they are serving up the promotion as part of the trendy drink now being available in 80% of cafes.

The main difference between regular cold brew and Nitro Cold Brew is the way it's tapped to add the nitrogen. The effect is that Nitro Cold Brew is smoother and creamier and features a foam top.

Starbucks even enlisted the services of Bill Nye to explain the scientific process in a four-minute instructional video.

For a simpler explanation, Nitro Cold Brew has been compared to the look and feel of a Guinness beer, but, unfortunately, without any alcohol content. The taste is also sweeter than regular coffee, so depending on your preference you may not need to add any sugar or other sweeteners.

Coffee aficionados with a sweet tooth can also opt to add sweet cream, milk or other flavors available at your participating Starbucks.

Now the freebie shots will be available all day on Friday, but only until supplies last.

So go early or you’ll be forced to fork over some cash for your caffeine fix.

To see if your local Starbucks offers Nitro Cold Brew, check here.

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