What’s on your ballot this election? Here’s how to find out

Eldis Sula
October 14, 2020 - 6:00 am

While the 2020 election will determine the next president, there are other positions and items to vote for on this year’s ballot.

Election ballots vary across the country, with political positions and specific measures varying state to state and even among different counties and regions.

Below is a quick overview of some of the issues and roles you can expect to see on your ballot this election, and where to find info about what you’ll be voting for specifically in your locality.

Congressional races

In addition to voting on the presidential ticket, Americans will vote on different Congressional seats.

A total of 470 seats in the U.S. Congress are up for election on Nov. 3 this year, reports Ballotpedia. Of these, 35 are for the Senate and 435 in the house.

According to the site, 16 Senatorial races are considered general election battlegrounds this year, based on analysis of 2016 results and whether incumbents are seeking re-election.

The site also identified 41 of the House of Representatives races as battlegrounds this year.

Ballot measures

In addition to voting for politicians, Americans will be able to vote on a variety of measures this year.

These issues, determined by local officials and governments, range depending on location and can be on any number of issues.

This year, some topics up for vote include gun rights, campaign finance, abortion, civil liberties, crirminal justice, education and more.

How can I see what’s up for election in my area?

To see a full breakdown of this year’s ballot items, visit Vote411.org.

At vote411.org/ballot, you can enter your address to pull up the exact candidates and issues that are up for election in your area.

VOTE411.org is a "one-stop-shop" for election-related information. Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF), the site is a nonpartisan resource that provides the public with general and state-specific information on different aspects of the election process.

Looking for more info on the 2020 election?

Visit Vote: Make It Count at RADIO.COM/vote for updates, resources and other important information about how to vote and the election process.

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