Reno County investigating possible pertussis outbreak

August 30, 2018 - 4:27 am

The Reno County Health Department is investigating a possible outbreak of pertussis, also known as whooping cough. Currently five cases of pertussis have been reported and are still under investigation, and other possible cases are also being investigated. 

Pertussis often causes serious problems and can be fatal in infants. Symptoms generally appear 4-21 days after exposure to pertussis. Pertussis usually starts out with cold or flu-like symptoms including a runny nose, sneezing, fever, and cough which last 1-2 weeks. Coughing spells in the next stages of pertussis can be followed by the “whoop” sound that is made when trying in inhale during or after a severe coughing spell. 

Protection against pertussis from the childhood vaccine “DTaP” decreases over time. Older children and adults, including pregnant women, should get a pertussis booster shot called “Tdap” to protect themselves and infants near or around them.  Anyone needing the Tdap vaccine may contact their doctor or call the Reno County Health Department at 620-694-2900.

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