Report: Kansas farmers planted fewer acres of corn, soybeans

Down 2% from a year ago

June 29, 2018 - 5:49 pm

A government report shows Kansas farmers planted fewer acres of corn and soybeans and more sorghum this spring compared to previous season.

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reported Friday that Kansas growers seeded 5.4 million acres of corn this year. That is down 2% from a year ago.

Also down is the planted area for soybeans at 4.85 million acres, down 6% from last year.

Planted sorghum acreage at 2.85 million acres is up is up 10% from a year ago.

The state's winter wheat was seeded last fall at 7.8 million acres, up 3% from the previous year. The area being harvested is expected to total 7.3 million acres, up 5% from last year.

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