RUSH: Democrat social media operatives take down Trump video on kids and coronavirus

Rush Limbaugh
August 06, 2020 - 5:44 pm

RUSH: Once again we have one of the greatest examples of — this is worse than bias, but it’s how it’s being characterized. Does anybody remember when Mark Zuckerberg, just last week they had the tech head honchos in a virtual Senate hearing over antitrust. Tim Cook from Apple was there. Zuckerberg was there. Jeff Bezos was there from Amazon, Washington Post. You had Sundar Pichai from Google. They were all there.

And does anybody remember Zuckerberg telling Congress that Facebook had no desire to be the arbiter of truth, that that’s not what they were there to do? No, no, no. And we don’t want to be the arbiter of truth. When he said that, I cocked my head, I looked at him, well, then what the hell are you doing? If you don’t care to be the arbiter of truth, then why do you ban anybody?

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