RUSH: Hypocrite Dems flout their own COVID rules

Rush Limbaugh
September 01, 2020 - 7:38 pm

RUSH: I I don’t have the pictures here. I could have printed them out and put them on the Dittocam. I gotta go easy on that.

Besides, as a highly trained broadcast specialist, I can paint a picture as effectively as you can look at one. In fact, that is my job, man. And I today saw a photo of the son of Mario “The Pious” walking his dog while not wearing a mask.

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That would be Andrew Cuomo. Out there walking his dog, no mask.

The mayor of Philadelphia was photographed while eating in a restaurant. You might say, “So what?” Well, he has banned indoor dining in Philadelphia. But there he was eating inside in a Philadelphia restaurant — and I’m sorry, my friends, they’re following the science.

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