RUSH: The Woodward Story, Too Much, Too Late – And It’s Not a Scoop

Rush Limbaugh
September 10, 2020 - 6:58 pm

AP Photo/Susan Walsh


RUSH: I always like being able to come back during times of panic to tell people that there’s no reason to panic. There really isn’t any reason to panic. None. I think it’s so obvious to more and more people what is going on. Every day now it’s something new — every day — and it’s gonna be this way all the way up until the election, and none of it’s gonna matter. None of it’s gonna be true.

Very little of it’s gonna be solidly true. There may be elements of truth in some of these scandals, but it’s just so transparently obvious what is happening here. They’ve got nothing on Donald Trump, and they are attempting to make it up even now, like they tried to make up the Russian meddling scandal. They tried to make up the Ukraine business on impeachment, and they’re trying to make this stuff up with the Woodward book and the panic and the COVID-19.

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