RUSH: Trump is attracting minority voterts

Rush Limbaugh
August 31, 2020 - 7:35 pm

Theo Stroomer / Stringer


RUSH: It has been documented in a bunch of media sites like NewsBusters, Brent Bozell’s bunch, 95 to 99% of the news coverage of Donald Trump has been negative for four years. Four solid years. The Republican convention last week was the first time in four years where a large swath of people heard anything positive about Donald Trump in four years. I saw people get mad at Trump’s acceptance speech. He went 70 minutes. He wasn’t energetic enough. Trump seemed to be phoning it in.

Let me explain what I think was going on there. In the first place, if Donald Trump wants to take 70 minutes to try to explain to people who he is, to people who’ve been lied to every day for four years and counting, then take the 70 minutes. It didn’t bother me. The thing that worried me about it was that it ran so late that people might have been turning it off to go to sleep. But the length of it didn’t bother me.

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