Safe Haven Awareness Campaign

Wichita focusing on Kansas' newborn protection act

Ted Woodward
June 27, 2018 - 3:21 pm



The Wichita Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention has launched a campaign, creating awareness of Safe Havens. The campaign is among many efforts the Coalition has to reduce child abuse and neglect in Sedgwick County.

Safe Havens are provided under a 2013 Kansas law, the newborn protection act, which allows "A parent or other person having lawful custody of an infant which is 60 days or younger and which has not suffered bodily harm to surrender physical custody of the infant to any employee who is on duty at a fire station, city or county health department or medical care facility."

Cindy Miles, co-chair of the WCCAP Awareness Committee, says, "As a result of creating awareness about Safe Havens the Coalition hopes that a parent that can't take care of a newborn will choose to relinquish the child at a Safe Haven instead of leaving a child in an unsafe place."

Safe Haven signs are being installed at most area police and fire stations during the next few months. 

Safe Haven locations in Wichita include police and sheriff stations, city and county fire stations, city or county health departments, and medical care facilities.

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