Salina Diocese identifies 14 priests suspected of sexual abuse

March 29, 2019 - 9:53 am

SALINA, Kan. (AP) — The Roman Catholic Diocese of Salina, Kansas, has identified 14 priests with substantiated allegations of clergy sexual abuse with a minor.

Bishop Gerald Vincke released a list of the names Friday after a county prosecutor who's now a judge audited the diocese's clergy files. A lay board then reviewed the findings and identified the 14 substantiated cases. Twelve of those priests are now dead; the other two have been removed from the priesthood. The allegations date from 1907 to 2012.

Vincke wrote in a message posted on the diocese's website that his "heart aches" for the victims and their families. He acknowledged times in the past when the "the Church failed to address the needs of the people who are victims in favor of protecting the reputation of the priest."

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