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San Diego wins 'comic con' trademark battle 

December 08, 2017 - 7:19 pm

A jury is siding with San Diego Comic-Con in a court battle with a rival pop-culture convention in Utah over naming rights to the phrase "comic con."

Salt Lake City-based KUTV reports the jury decided Friday Salt Lake Comic Con used the trademark without permission. They awarded the California event $20,000, far less than the $12 million they'd sought.

Utah organizer Dan Farr says they plan to appeal.

San Diego lawyers argue Salt Lake City stole their name to benefit from their work. Utah organizers contend the phrase is generic and used by 140 different events nationwide.

San Diego Comic-Con, considered the flagship of the popular convention circuit, filed the trademark violation lawsuit in 2014 against the rapidly growing Salt Lake convention. Both are known for guests elaborately costumed as superheros and movie villains.

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