Scam: Westar Energy Warns About Imposters

February 16, 2018 - 11:17 am

Westar Energy is alerting customers that imposters claiming to work for the company are threatening to disconnect service and asking for prepaid cards as payment.

Several customers have contacted Westar Energy’s Customer Relations Center after receiving suspicious phone calls.

Some imposters apparently are very convincing, using websites allowing them to manipulate caller ID, making the call appear to come from Westar. They speak with authority. When the targeted customer calls the phone numbers provided, the person who answers sounds like they work for Westar. In some cases, callers may even provide information like amount due that makes them sound credible.

“Scammers create a sense of urgency to get customers to act quickly rather than allowing them time to check their account,” said Gina Penzig, Westar media relations manager. “We will never require a pre-paid card for payment. Also, we notify customers multiple times in advance if service may be interrupted for non-payment.”

Before acting on one of these calls, check your records to see if a recent payment has been made. If you are still unsure, call Westar's Customer Relations Center, 1-800-383-1183, and check your account status.

Westar says if a customer receives a suspicious visit from an individual, he or she should also report it to their local law enforcement agency.


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