Sedgwick County Commission adapts new fire and safety codes

Rodney Price
October 02, 2019 - 11:14 am
Fire sprinkler system

In a meeting that lasted less than an hour, the Sedgwick County Commission adapted new food safety codes.  Those changes were highlighted by Dan Wegner, Sedgwick County Fire Marshall.

"We'll have a standardized inspection process for mobile food trucks and the vendors,” Mr. Wegner said.

That means vendors now need just one county permit and an inspection that will cover all communities within Sedgwick County.  

Another update was made to fire and safety codes. Currently, establishments and public assemblies that serve alcohol, who have more than 5000 square feet and an occupancy of over 100 people must have a sprinkler system. The new code will now allow an occupancy of 299, provided that they add additional exits and fire detection to the system.

The county also announced a change in the agreement between COMCARE and U.S.D. 259.  The county will now receive an additional $20 thousand in funding from the state.  COMCARE served more than 700 students in U.S.D. 259 last year.

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