Sedgwick County Commission Meeting Wrap-Up

December 12, 2018 - 2:14 pm

The Sedgwick County Commission held its weekly meeting Wednesday at the courthouse in downtown Wichita.

Commissioners accepted a donation totaling $750 for COMCARE’s Community Crisis Center, and donations totaling $390 for the Suicide Prevention Coalition.

Assistant County Manager David Spears presented the 2018 Road and Bridge Presentation; he says 105 miles of county roads were improved, which is roughly 18% of the County’s road system, and eight bridges were repaired or replaced by contract or county staff.

Stream maintenance crews completed 22 projects this year including filling in the lagoon at Lake Afton, bank stabilization at Horseshoe Lake at Sedgwick County Park, and maintenance in Oaklawn on 47th St. S. from the Arkansas River Bridge to Chestnut.

Commissioners also approved the amended 2019 Legislative Platform. Behavioral health initiatives include: support for regionalized state mental health facilities, including in Sedgwick County; support for Community Crisis Center funding; and Maintain and enhance the school pilot program funding.

Key initiatives include: permit counties to publish any statutorily required legal notices on the Internet with appropriate measures to ensure archival records are available to the public; support juvenile reform legislation that increases accountability and offers more local control by the Eighteenth Judicial District for responding to moderate risk/ non-violent offenders; and support legislation that allows a voter to vote at any polling place within the County if the machines are technologically capable.

Secondary initiatives involve support for resolutions to be issued to Congress that: lessens the restrictions on employers to hire 14 and 15 year old workers; and
abolishes daylight savings time or phases out daylight savings time.

Commissioners also struggled with the issue of condemning nuisance properties in unincorporated areas of the county. One of the issues the commission talked about putting before the legislature in January was how to deal with such properties. The idea is to give counties the same power as cities in Kansas to condemn and remove nuisance properties. But Commissioner Richard Ranzau said that amounts to an abuse of power.

In the end, the commissioners voted 5-to-0 to give the Metropolitan Area Planning Department the latitude to deal with the issue but not bring any proposed legislation before the legislature until January.


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