Sedgwick County Commissioners discuss land use plan

June 19, 2019 - 12:32 pm

Sedgwick County Commissioners discussed a community investments plan at their weekly meeting Wednesday.

The plan outlines how the county will implement land use policies in the future.  It calls for orderly growth to meet future market demand while considering impacts to taxpayers, developers, and the environment but also protects individual property rights. 

That was one point that Commissioner Lacey Cruse stressed. 

Cruse: We're not just going to come in and say hey, your taxes, you haven't paid it, we're going to take it from you.  We're not..

Counsel: Cannot do that.

Cruse: Right.

One example given during the discussion was the Wichita Urban Infill Strategy, an approximate three-mile radius of the downtown core which focuses on developing vacant and underutilized land in existing developed areas.

The plan passed 5-0.

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