Sedgwick County Counselor placed on paid, administrative leave

November 07, 2018 - 11:51 pm

Sedgwick County Commissioners held a special session on Wednesday to discuss a personnel matter.

After going into executive session, three of the five commissioners voted to place Sedgwick County Counselor Eric Yost on paid administrative leave.

Howell and Commissioner Richard Ranzau voted no on the paid administrative leave.

Commissioners Michael O'Donnell, Dave Unruh and David Dennis voted yes.

Last week Commissioner Richard Ranzau said he believes Yost is out of favor with O'Donnell, Unruh and commission chair David Dennis because Yost advised the trio of commissioners to not fire the county manager.

County manager Michael Scholes had no comment today regarding the paid leave for counselor Yost.

Ranzau also said Scholes was a target for termination by three of the commissioners. Ranzau said Scholes had talked to the FBI originally about issues with Michael O'Donnell.

A majority of the commissioners said a replacement could be considered for county counselor Yost.

Yost and his attorney have made it clear they have not ruled out a lawsuit.

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