WATCH: Sedgwick County Commission does not make changes to governor’s new orders

May 01, 2020 - 2:00 pm

The Sedgwick County Commission held a special meeting Friday morning to discuss if it would issue any stay-at-home or gathering orders that are more strict than Governor Laura Kelly’s orders.

Kelly plans to reopen the economy Monday, May 4, in phases. She said city and county governments can be more restrictive than her, but not less restrictive.

The Sedgwick County commissioners decided to stick with the governor’s orders for now, but they have asked staff to find answers to some questions they have before the next commission meeting, Wednesday, May 6.

They are interested in when courts will resume, what enforcement options they have if someone violates the governor’s order, and they have a multitude of questions about specific businesses and industries, like drive-in theaters, the zoo and Exploration Place.

There was also a question about churches. Commissioners said as long as a group of 10 or less could remain 6 feet apart, that would work.

Commissioners also voiced concerns about buffets and self-serve points at restaurants and convenience stores, but Commissioner David Dennis reminded everyone that restaurants already have their own policies and guidelines in place that include those regulations.

Commissioner Michael O’Donnell did make a motion that the county remove its web platform that allows people to report people and businesses that violate stay-at-home and gathering orders. He said the form seems too much like a police state.

His motion was seconded and approved 5 to 0.

View Kelly’s plan “Ad Astra: A Plan to Reopen Kansas,” in full (pdf).

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