Sedgwick County financially sound

Rodney Price
November 06, 2019 - 11:39 am
White piggy bank with money isolated on white background

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At Wednesday's Sedgwick County Commission meeting, we learned the county is in sound financial shape.

The county has a Triple-A credit rating and property tax revenues continue to grow, up to 3.9% for the 2019 budget and 4.5% for 2020 budget.

Moderate growth was noted in retail, motor vehicle taxes and in investment income.

While revenues are up, the demand for public safety needs has grown too.   Lorien Showalter Arie, County Budget Director, explains where the biggest increase came from this quarter.  "This was mainly in the Sheriff's Office, and is due to the high number of new detention deputies that have been hired this year," she said.

Along with those public safety system needs are more demands for the behavioral health system.

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