Sedgwick County Jail in need of workers

If you're 19, have a GED and can pass a background check, you could have a job!

June 23, 2018 - 12:56 am

Captain Jared Schechter says that the Sedgwick County Jail has been in a staffing crisis for four years, but hope that with the graduation of 22 deputies from the academy will put a dent in that problem.

Right now, the jail is 66 positions short, focing them to hire part-time deputies to help stem the problem. 

When there aren't enough bodies to staff the prison, programs like inmate mentoring end up being cut, which does no favors for them...and at some point, these inmates will be released back into society.

Some people are worried about joining law enforcement because of recent events that have put the career into a negative light. Schecter says that people have to remember that people that have done bad things are a small minority. 99 percent of law enforcement want to try to help people come out of jail better than they came in.

The job pays just under $16 an hour. Applicants need to be 19, have a GED and pass a background check.

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