Sedgwick County jail sanitized after positive COVID-19 test

Steve McIntosh
August 04, 2020 - 9:53 am

The Sedgwick County Jail was quarantined after an inmate who works in food preparation tested positive for COVID-019 Friday. Sedgwick County Commission Chair Pete Meitzner tells KNSS News it was a "thorough cleaning" of the jail. He says it's "pricey" to clean and sanitize the jail. Meitzner says the jail has been sanitized several times during the pandemic ... and each cleaning costs "tens of thousands of dollars". 

Officials have broken ground on Sedgwick County fire station number 31 in Andale. Sedgwick County Commission Chair Pete Meitzner says city and county fire stations must be "spaced" properly to answer calls in a timely manner, and there was a "hole" in coverage at Andale that needed to be filled.

The Sedgwick County Commission is close to approving next year's budget ... with about three million dollars less revenue, thanks to the pandemic. Sedgwick County Commission Chair Pete Meitzner tells K-N-S-S News spending cuts have been made, salaries have been frozen.

Pete Meitzner commented during the Steve and Ted in the Morning Show on KNSS.

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