Sedgwick County Sheriff's office to receive additional $2.6 million

Rodney Price
October 16, 2019 - 11:48 am
stack of one hundred dollars notes on dollars background

Sedgwick County Commissioners approved more money for the Sheriff's office on Wednesday.

Sheriff Jeff Easter requested an additional $2.6 million for their operating budget, citing an average inmate population of over 1500, which led to higher food and medical costs, as part of requesting that money.  The Sheriff also said overtime costs and the effect of shuffling inmates out of the jail as remodeling projects took place were factors.

Commissioner Michael O'Donnell told the Sheriff he knew that this request was not an easy one.

"Everyone up here knows that you do take this financial responsibility very seriously, and I know that you did not want to come and ask us for this last infusion because you've never had to," he said. 

The commission approved the additional funding unanimously.

In other business, the commission voted on a new policy for at-large board appointments.

Sedgwick County has a number of advisory boards, which are critical for the government.  Over the past few months, the Commission has worked to change the procedures that determine how at-large positions are filled, to ensure fair representation, transparency and diversity.  Commissioner Lacey Cruse thanked the board for working toward this goal.

"This proposal I think is kind of long-overdue, when it comes to appointing people and having a process, so I just want to say thank you so much for your time and consideration and the discussion we're having," she said.

Sedgwick County currently has around 50 at-large positions in various advisory boards.

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