Several Kansas Shopko stores to close

December 06, 2018 - 9:45 pm

Six small towns in Kansas will be losing their local Shopko stores beginning in early 2019. 

This week, Shopko Hometown announced that it will be closing six locations around Kansas. People in those towns are not happy about it. Many people said that the local stores have the only pharmacies in town and that it will be harder for people to get medications, especially the elderly. Also, many people in town are employed by the stores, and stand to lose their jobs.

Shopko released a statement saying, in part, that they will assist those interested in transferring to open positions at other locations or will provide severance benefits according to their guidelines.

Liquidation will begin December 7 and stores will close in February. 

Here is a list of the towns in which Shopkos will close:

Clay Center

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